Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo

Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing since 2013, Lynne has a precise eye for shape, symmetry, balance and color, and specializes in powder brows, eyeliner and lip blush. Lynne’s work is created using the finest needles and advanced cosmetic tattoo techniques that are more gentle for your skin without the risk of scarring that can be caused from other methods. Using premium needles, state of the art equipment, and the highest quality pigments and tools, results are soft and natural without compromising the integrity of your skin.

Eyebrow mapping

Lynne is a true professional who is excited to help clients obtain their best customized and carefree look. Also a Certified Advanced Aesthetician in the state of Oregon and a former Educator for a microneedling device company, Lynne attends annual advanced education classes to further her expertise and to bring her clients the most safe and updated techniques and treatments. She discovered her artistic and design talents at an early age and pursued advanced painting and drawing education at the college level, later pursuing a career in advanced aesthetics after working for many years in sales and education for L’Oreal Professional Salon Products Division.


This is a list of the most common contradictions but it is not a complete list. If you have any medical concerns, please check with your physician before booking.  If one or more applies, please do not proceed with booking, and contact Lynne at 503.805.3488 for questions or consultation.


  • You must NOT be Pregnant or Breastfeeding – NO EXCEPTIONS 
  • Skin allergies to pigment (if you are unsure, we can do a test patch prior to your appointment) 
  • Not on any blood thinning medications 
  • No acne, raised moles or eczema on/around the brow area 
  • HIV, Hepatitis or transmittable blood diseases should be disclosed privately on the client intake forms. Your private information will never be shared or disclosed. Compromised immune systems can cause slower healing, please speak to your physician regarding any concerns.
  • Had Botox done within the last four weeks prior to your appointment  
  • The following conditions will require a note from your Physician and may prevent you from being able to have the procedure performed: high blood pressure, diabetes, artificial heart valve (may require antibiotics before), multiple sclerosis, lupus, blood disorders, liver disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, ehlers-danlos syndrome, or other autoimmune diseases. Some health conditions and the use of certain medications including chemotherapy, prednisone and many others can effect the skin and healing.
  • No active cancer, chemotherapy, schleroderma or history of keloid scarring. 
  • Not on any skin treatment, Accutane, or any other skin thinning medication. Retinols, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids or any other skin thinning ingredients, topicals or ingredients that increase cellular turnover or sensitize the skin, must be discontinued a minimum of 14 days prior to appointment. Please check your product ingredients to ensure compliance.
  • If you have previously tattooed or microbladed eyebrows, please text a clear photo in good lighting with no filter or makeup on the brows to Lynne at 503.805.3488 to schedule a consultation 
“After her soul, the first thing I check out in a woman is her eyebrows”
– Jamie Lee Curtis


Eyebrows frame your face, and properly shaped eyebrows can remove years from your appearance. We can thicken sparse or over-tweezed brows, change their shape, and create beautiful brows where none exist due to aging, chemotherapy or Alopecia (hair loss). With permanent makeup and Lynne’s artistry, you can have the perfect expressive arch you’ve always wanted. Whether you choose a soft powdered brow that resembles a penciled brow, or ultra-fine 3D hair strokes to simulate actual eyebrow hairs, a beautiful, natural look that will not rub off or smear will be created.

Eyebrow Costmetic Tattoo

Brow Pricing

Now Available! Three Payment Options Learn More Here!

Powder/Ombre Powder

Includes 2 visits: Initial session + 1 touch up at 6-10 weeks

Combination Brows – Nano Hairstrokes (Digital Microblading) with Powder Brows

Includes 2 visits: Initial session + 1 touch up at 6-10 weeks

Brow Touch-up / Color Refresh

(For existing clients only. Please see Corrective Cosmetic Tattoo page for those who are interested in touching up previous work from other artists.)

Touch-up – up to 6 months – $350
Touch-up 6-24 months – $500
Touch-up 24+ months – full price

Eyeliner Pricing Available! Three Payment Options Learn More Here!


Includes 2 visits: Initial session + 1 touch up at 6-10 weeks

Stylized Eyeliner (Winged, Thick or Heavy)

+$100 Added to base price above


No more uneven lines or smudges, wake up with a dash of color and perfectly lined eyes every morning! Eyeliner that has been cosmetically tattooed can give you big, gorgeous, attention-getting eyes. Eyeliner will make the lashes look fuller and will better define the shape of your eyes, using a color that enhances and compliments your natural eye color. Permanent eyeliner is especially great for contact lens wearers and those with seasonal or makeup allergies. Eyeliner can be applied as a thin lashline enhancement, making eyes appear larger and eyelashes appear to be darker and fuller, as a medium width eyeliner, or a dramatic show-stopping look.

Eyeliner Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo


Full, luscious, lips are yours with cosmetic tattooing. Emphasize your lips with lip blush to help provide better definition with a subtle or more vibrant pop of color. As we age, lip color can lighten and fade. Avoid the mess of lip liner and lipstick with permanent lip color. Permanent lip color can help to minimize the appearance of fine lines around the lips and prevent unsightly lipstick bleeding. It can also give narrow, thin or uneven lips a plumped up, volumized, refined and symmetrical look.

Lips Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo

Lip Pricing

Now Available! Three Payment Options Learn More Here!

Full Lip


All pricing for new clients initial visits includes the first 2 sessions: the initial visit and the touch-up or perfecting session 6-10 weeks later.

Some artists price both sessions separately, I price them together as I find both visits are typically necessary, and Afterpay is available to break the total into payments.

Touch-up or color refresh session pricing for existing clients are for one single visit.

Informational Phone or Zoom Consultations are encouraged and are complimentary. Phone consultations take about 30 minutes and are helpful to share procedure information, answer questions, and find out if you’re a good candidate for cosmetic tattooing. Please text clear photos in good lighting, both with and without brow makeup to Lynne at 503.805.3488 to schedule.

For in-studio consultations, a phone consultation takes place first, then Lynne will map, measure and draw brows before scheduling the date for your actual procedure visit. Price is $50 and will be applied toward booking fee for service scheduled for a separate date. Consultations are required prior to booking for those with previous cosmetic tattooing from another artist.