Tattoo and Microblading Lightening/Removal

Tattoo and Microblading Lightening/Removal

With the microblading craze over the last few years, as well as the “Sharpie” look tattooed brows of days gone by, the aftermath of these trends have created an abundance of clients who are in need of removal or lightening before new brows can be attempted. Skin saturated with pigment is like a sponge, once the skin cells are full, they have a finite capacity for pigment, and any attempt to implant pigment on top of fully saturated pigment in existing work is temporary, and may last for a few months at best. As cellular turnover takes place, the newly implanted pigment will end up shedding from the skin, leaving the original unsightly pigment intact that we attempted to work over and cover.

Non-laser Saline Lightening is a gentle alternative to laser removal that can take anywhere from 1-6 sessions. We usually see a significant reduction in color after 2-3 sessions. In some cases where the existing pigment is not too heavily saturated, we can often see visible lightening after the first session has healed. In some cases we don’t need to remove the existing pigment entirely, but lighten it to the point that it can be successfully covered. The number of sessions required is dependent on many factors such as how saturated the pigment is in the skin, the number of former cosmetic tattoo sessions received, type of pigment used, type of technique performed, scarring that is present (primarily seen in previously microbladed brows and machine work done too deeply), and depth at which the pigment was implanted.


Microblading and Cosmetic Tattoo Saline Tattoo Removal/Lightening

Per session

If a removal case requires laser removal, although I am also licensed as a laser technician, clients will be referred to a trusted laser removal partner who specializes in laser removal and has the proper type of lasers needed to specifically target certain types of pigments and colors.

After performing cosmetic tattooing for the first several years, I encountered an influx of prospective clients needing corrective and tattoo removal work needed due to the explosion in the popularity of microblading. Many of my colleagues and I discovered that 95% of the women who had been microbladed are left with lasting scar tissue and skin damage. I also realized the huge importance of starting with healthy skin to be able to achieve the very best cosmetic tattoo results.

This is why I no longer offer true microblading, which is performed by slicing the skin into the dermal layer with a row of needles that form a blade, and pushing pigment into the cuts. Done poorly and too deeply, this can be a disaster for skin. Instead, I offer hairstrokes done with a machine, and powder brows. Hairstroke/combination brows and powder brows are performed with a very fine needle that punctures the skin versus slicing the skin, which is a much healthier alternative and infinitely better for maintaining the cosmetic tattoo results longer, while also maintaining the integrity of the skin without scarring.

Many of the corrective cases I’ve encountered not only needed tattoo removal, but something to address the scarring from the slices made in the skin by microblading, which leaves behind channel like indented scars. Some of this scarring is visible to the naked eye, and some is only seen under magnification. Due to the number of cases with scarring I was seeing, I pursued my Advanced Aesthetic license to be able to perform medical microneedling treatments to rejuvenate scar tissue and provide healthier alternatives that last longer without compromising the skin.