Paramedical Scar Revision & Stretchmark Therapy

Paramedical Scar Revision & Stretchmark Therapy


As a microneedling specialist, Lynne was on the corporate sales and training team for ProCell Therapies from 2019 until early 2023. She conducted ProCell microchanneling training, certification and advanced skin needling classes for other licensed estheticians, master aestheticians, med spa and dermatology professionals throughout the country. She loves to share her success with other industry professionals that she has achieved with her own clients results.

In early 2022, Lynne joined forces with Paramedical Scar Specialist Virginia Landolfi of Skn Deep™ Institute in Thailand and Argentina to become a certified provider of Ms. Landolfi’s highly effective and sought after method of skin needling and scar and stretch mark revision therapies.

This category of microneedling is also known as Paramedical or Dry Tattooing, and is sometimes called Inkless Stretchmark Revision or Inkless Camouflage method of skin needling.

Scar and Stretchmark Pricing

Paramedical Scar and Stretchmark Therapy

$400+ Per Area
Small, less complex scars can be substantially less and are quoted on a case by case basis.

Please call or text 503.805.3488 for more information and to schedule a consultation for a quote.

Stretchmark Revision

Acne scarring reduction

Acne Scar Treatment

This specialized method was developed using a variety of machines and tattoo needle configurations to target specific areas of damaged skin and scars to remodel their structure, while not affecting the skin surrounding the scar or stretch mark. The Skn Deep™ methods help to more precisely target and effectively relax, fill and fade scars and improve skin’s density, texture, health and overall appearance.

The controlled micro-injuries created in the scars break down the damaged tissue and allow blood to come into the treated area bringing nutrients, oxygen and growth hormones that will result in the regeneration and growth of healthy new tissue. We can treat surgical scars, burns, acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and rejuvenate skin on the face and body, and it’s all accomplished through the body’s amazing natural wound healing response triggered by controlled methods of injury.